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Are you a Business Owner who STILL doesn't have a full database of prospects ready-to-buy?
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Are you Tired of Struggling to keep a full roster Of Clients in your business....
And Tired of Not Making Money!
Are you struggling to keep your client database full?

Wouldn't you love to have a waiting list & consistently make your income goal?

Do you struggle with where to attract your ideal client?
Your Clients Are Looking For You...
Potential customers with money in hand, are waiting to have their problems solved. There are THOUSANDS of them filling the pockets of your competitors!
Do you keep asking yourself, why aren't they coming to me?

Are you running out of time & money because you don't know how to attract your ideal prospect to you?

Are you afraid that you are going to have to close your business?

Keep reading because the solution is closer than you think.  You'll look back on this moment and realize that this was the moment that changed the direction of your business. Your soon to be potential clients will be standing in line waiting for you to accept their money! 
 Hey, I understand I was once in the very same position!

I discovered that there was a key reason why the prospects 
weren't finding me...

I was an UNKNOWN business! 
I wasn't letting them know I existed and that I was ready 
to take their credit card.

Once I stopped suffering and created a marketing plan, my income increased & now I have a waiting list!

I am on a mission to help others just like you do the same!
I Was A Lot Like You
I started my business and I had a few regular clients. 
However, I was always on a feast or famine roller coaster when it came to "consistently" keeping a full roster of clients.
I started my online business and used social media as the way to gain clients. I was doing okay with this method, until the market was flooded with business coaches.

We were all using similar methods and fishing in the same pond for prospects. Then it happened, a major social media platform changed who they were showing first in the feed. So business declined for many of us.

Then it hit me! 
It was time for me to course correct my marketing plan. 

I spent time gathering data, brainstorming and investigating.  
It was then that I discovered the missing element, the solution, I was looking for to my client attraction problem...
Hi I'm Nisha Jackson
I specialize in connecting owners with prospects that they can turn into clients.

I discovered one of the most important missing elements most business owners overlook when they are trying to attract potential clients.

As business owners, we must stand out from the crowded marketplace by using innovative techniques to attract prospects.

The missing element is a diverse, efficient marketing plan that runs practically on autopilot. While attracting, high quality clients from various places.

So, that's exactly what I created, a marketing planner that you can plug and play into your business. You answer a few questions,map out your marketing plan, and then add your automation. It's so simple you don't need extensive marketing knowledge. 

Creating a "win-win" of you attracting clients and solving their problems, while allowing you to work less and make more in your business.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could have a steady flow of clients in your business?
Your business could have a constant flow of clients. 

You would make more money in your business.

Your family would be financially stable. 

You would have all these things without wasting time and money.

You, my friend could live the freedom based lifestyle of your dreams!

An effective marketing plan allows you to ATTRACT clients, not chase them. 

You could have time to enjoy the things you love!
Let me Introduce....
The MARKETING GROWTH LAB™ marketing Planner!!!
This planner allows you to map out your marketing plan in 5 easy steps. Once you complete the 5 steps your plan is ready to automate and delegate!
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You Will Receive...
The Marketing Growth Lab™ Marketing  Planner
This planner is so simple to use. It allows you to map out your marketing plan for whatever time frame you like (quarterly, bi-annually, annually) in 5 easy steps. It takes the guess work out of creating a marketing plan. You just answer the questions and plug the results in your calendar. No marketing experience necessary to create the plan. 

Once you complete the 5 steps your plan is ready for automation and delegation! Saving you time through automation and allowing you to make more money through client attraction.

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Video Filming Checklist

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A Monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox with the hottest Marketing & Business building tips
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Remember, you're just one prospect away from living your dream...

-Nisha Jackson
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